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Single convector, double convector or old cast iron ornamental radiators keep them hot and your house warm Call us Free on 01992 58 6311 01992 58 6311

Combination Boilers

Instant hot water when you open a tap, no stored hot water and a boiler that also does the central heating. Serviced and pressures set to ensure your combination boiler is working correctly. Repaired by manufacture approved engineers. All makes and model installed some with a 7 year warranty Call us Free on 01992 58 6311


Combination boilers, conventional boilers and system boilers. Serviced and repaired by manufacture approved engineers Call us Free on 01992 58 6311


Zone Valves, Room Thermostats, wireless thermostats and now the latest technology or internet controlled controls from your very own mobile phone or computer. Using the best controls can safe you money on your monthly fuel costs.


Make sure you service your boiler once a year to keep it working. An annual service will ensure your boiler is working safely and efficiently at all times. Stay safe from Carbon Monoxide Call us Free on 01992 58 6311 01992 58 6311

Power Flashing

Remove the sludge from your radiator, clear cold spots on radiators and get the water running through your system more freely, Prevent rusting or radiators and pump and boiler failure. Kamco trained power flushing engineers Call us Free on 01992 58 6311


Cylinders store your hot water so it is ready to flow out your taps when you need nice hot water. Copper or steel cylinders covered with foam lagging to keep the water hot. Replace or repair if ever they start leaking Call us Free on 01992 58 6311 01992 58 6311


Radiator Valves either thermostatic or lock shield valves, replaced when faulty or serviced to prevent failure. Sticking pins in thermostatic valves is a common fault for cold radiators. We can check them all Call us Free on 01992 58 6311

Mega Flaws

An Unvented cylinder made by heater Sadia that delivers water a high pressure. Systems converted to Mega Flow systems and Mega Flows repaired when they fail Call us Free on 01992 58 6311 01992 58 6311

Wireless Controls

No wires, very easy to install by saving time running round unsightly wires and very efficient. Now the new smart controls that allows full control of all rooms from your own Mobile phone or Computer Call us Free on 01992 58 6311

Fast Local Service

Discover a local service that you can rely on. Check our Locations to contact the engineers that are local to your area. We have Qualified engineers waiting in an area close to you.

Call Us Today on 0207 000 3157 for a fast, simple and affordable solutions to your Plumbing, Heating, Drainage or property Maintenance problems.

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