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A simple drain blockage or a toilet that needs rodding. Rodding with a plunger or a worm to clear the simple easy blockage.


We plunge toilets, sinks, basins and may other sanitary appliances. A useful way of quickly unblocking simple blockages.

High Pressure Jetting

A complex blockage with not just the normal paper blockage, 4000 psi pressure to clear the most stuborn of blockage and return your drains to as good as new. Remove scale with a high pressure jetting machine.

CCTV Survey

We Camera Survey many drains of all types. Used to check for damage to the drains where root ingress or a collapse may have occurred.


Normally located outside your kitchen window or door taking your sink, dishwasher and washing machine waste. A u bend type drain stopping smell coming up. Water is always found in the bottom of a Gully. Plunge, Jet or gully grab to clear a blocked gullies. Also install new gullies.


A technical and complex way of reinstating your drain when a collapse or crack has occurred. It save time in digging holes. The latest technology makes anything possible.


Unblocked, repaired and installed. A;; your pipes join inside a manhole to allow access to Rod, Jet or just inspect the condition of your drains.

Blocked Toilets

We respond very quickly to blocked toilets and have any blocked toilet unblocked within no time. If the blockage is in the toilet as simple plunge should clear. More complex blockages in the drains can also be cleared with little fuss.

Main Sewers

Large Drain pipes enter a main sewer. We clean and inspect main sewers as long as they are not shared and therefore fall under the remit of the water board to clear.

Soil Stacks

Plastic, cast Iron or clay soil stacks that run up the side or internally in the house. We unblock with rods or jet through either from the top of soil stack or from the drain to the soil stack.

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